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Food and drinks at the Makarska Riviera

We're food lovers. Well, who isn't? No matter your age, you have to admit that food experiences and nightlife parties are the events that create the most fun memories. When parting, try not to think about hangovers, you'll get rid of it swimming at the beach, walking or cycling at the parks. Activities we selected (and tested) will give you ideas on how to use your "the day after party" time wisely. 

We met some people who came to the Makarska Riviera just for food tasting, so it would be rude not to show you all the restaurants and local specialties we love, so your visit can be tasty as pašticada

Every food lover knows what Michelin star is, and there's a Michelin star restaurant at the Makarska Riviera, too! On the following pages, we'll guide you through gastronomic scene of the Makarska Riviera including small, family owned grill cuisines, pizza and fast food places, fish and steak restaurants. Depending on restaurant's offer, price range could be questionable so we'll try to give some answers. 

Our suggestions are based on our own experiences, and our philosophy is to praise, to encourage chefs and restaurant owners when we think they deserve it. If something is not tasty, we won't talk about it. So, everything we write about was in our mouth first and we were thrilled! For more detailed view and other options, our in-app food guide is what you need. Android and iOS users can download it free of charge! 

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