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Makarska Riviera

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Makarka Riviera Welcome

Join us in this unforgettable adventure called Makarska Riviera! Here, you can find everything essential for your perfect holidays at the south of Dalmatian coast. Located at the hearth of Central Dalmatia, Makarska Riviera is one of the most beautiful and the most attractive destinations in Croatia, no matter what your interests are. Another word for Makarska Riviera is: Homeland Of Summer! It's a perfect place for families, group of friends, couples, adventurers, athletes, gastro nomads and backpackers. We'll give our best to guide you through six main categories we created to make your vacation even more relaxing. This web is connected with our mobile guide, available for Android and iOS smartphones. 


This page is designed exclusively by locals, supported by our wonderful guests and travelers from all over the world who crave to leave the mark creating only the trusted content and sharing their memories and stories about Makarska Riviera. You can think of this page as a selection of experiences, photos and videos created for you to give you the real story about this beautiful region.